About me

Monica Ariza, a Colombian living in Scotland, founder and director of MAAS La Tienda.

I’m an aeronautical engineer who have always been in love with handcrafting and by the end of 2018, while living in Chile, I discovered the beauty of Miyuki (glass Japanese beads). Given I didn’t know much about it I started to read and play with Miyuki and also decided to take classes, so I could learn different kind of techniques and explore a little more about jewellery.

That’s when I fell in love with it and (believe it or not) after many years of working in the aviation industry I decided to change airplanes by handmade art.

Focused on making treasures for others, I find inspiration on Latin-American culture; its nature, textiles, paintings and colours. In this way I try to create accessories that bring joy and love to whomever wears my creations.

Now based in Scotland, United Kingdom, I decided to take one further step and launch a project based in honouring artisans’ hands with beautiful pieces through MAAS La tienda (“The Store”). Each hand-made piece is unique, modern and sophisticated, a work of art texturized with premium materials, and most importantly, made with love.

I really hope you get to love and enjoy these accessories as much as I have enjoyed designing and creating them for you.

Feel free to contact me to share your impressions or any other comment you may have!

By the way, supporting local and small businesses (especially women) is pretty awesome so thank you all who have shopped, encouraged and supported me along this journey!

You made all of this possible.